Fire safety in the forests

Апрель 23, 2019 1

Fire safety in the forests are one of the most common types of fires in the United States. The peak is in summer, when some regions even introduce a high fire hazard regime. In order to prevent serious losses and minimize the likelihood of fire and the amount of damage, firefighters warn the public and large companies operating in the forest area and the need to comply with fire safety requirements in the forests.

Fire safety in the forests

In particular, the following measures are taken to ensure:

1) Firefighting facilities, which include construction, reconstruction and maintenance of fire roads, special landing sites for helicopters and planes used in the implementation of aviation operations aimed at the protection and preservation of forests, as well as the laying of openings and equipment for protective fire breaks;

2) Creation of protective systems from warning means, which are used to extinguish forest fires and create fire safety in forests;

3) maintenance of fire protection systems and means constantly in working condition, as well as creation of fuel and lubricants required for uninterrupted operation of equipment during the peak fire hazard;

4) regular monitoring of fire safety in forests for the purpose of timely detection of fire sources;

5) development of complex plans for extinguishing forest fires;

6) direct extinguishing of fires.

Fire safety in the forests

According to the Department of Fire Safety of America, the number of forest fires is decreasing in the regions where forest fire safety measures are strictly observed. Therefore, a complex work is carried out annually, in which both representatives of the fire department and heads of large regional companies, as well as the local population participate. Work includes preventive explanatory talks on fire safety measures in forests. In combination with the introduction of strict penalties for violations of fire safety rules in the forest, this has helped reduce the number of fires caused by people in recent years.