Fire safety of cottages

Апрель 27, 2019 1

Fire safety of cottages ensuring fire safety in cottages and private homes is a very important task. The number of firefighters in the U.S. does not allow you to attach a defender to each cottage, in some cases, to wait for the arrival of the calculation will be about half an hour. In this case, there is no need to talk about, during this time the house can burn down completely.

Fire safety of cottages

It is important to worry about the level in advance. The house must meet the established requirements of the fire safety department of cottages. The first thing you need to do is to install a fire alarm system, which will allow you to detect the fire at the very beginning, and will send an alarm signal. Ideally, the cottage should be equipped with a comprehensive fire protection system, which, in addition to the fire alarm system, will include automatic fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems.

Of course, when installing fire safety systems in cottages and country houses, there is its own specifics. The required amount of fire extinguishing equipment in each specific case is determined individually. This is due to the fact that the number of sensors will depend on the area and design features of the building.


Therefore, first it is recommended to develop a detailed design of alarm system or a comprehensive fire safety system for cottages. In the course of drawing up the project on the expert will be able to carry out a thorough inspection of all premises and will make an optimal configuration of equipment, based on the operating conditions of your country house.

For additional experts also recommend installing steel fire doors. They are an effective deterrent, preventing the fire from spreading beyond the burning house. In particular, fire doors can be used for garage doors. If it lights up, the door will hold the flame inside. As can be seen, there are currently many options to ensure. In each individual case, it is possible to design the fire safety of the cottages and choose the most effective option that will guarantee a high level of protection.